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Manual spreader

Manual spreader

Using a manual spreader, anti-icing reagents, sand, salt, gravel and other materials can be scattere..

400.00 грн.

Trolley dispenser for anti-icing reagents

Trolley dispenser for anti-icing reagents

Anti-icing agentThe trolley dispenser is an ideal tool for efficiently dispersing anti-icing substan..

2,950.00 грн.

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Carts dispensers and hand spreaders for dry anti-icing reagents.

Ice is a winter problem familiar to everyone in Ukraine.

Anti-icing reagents are the most effective solution in the fight against ice, with icing of the road surface, trolley dispensers are indispensable helpers in the uniform and rational distribution of anti-icing reagents in the treated area.

We offer distribution trolleys and hand spreaders that will help to evenly, economically and rationally distribute anti-icing reagents throughout the territory, while keeping your hands clean.

You can get distribution trolleys and manual spreaders for dry anti-icing reagents from us. A wise and economically rational decision!

Low prices, discounts and delivery throughout Ukraine to the buyer's warehouse - meet the prepared winter!