Anti-icing agent

The trolley dispenser is an ideal tool for efficiently dispersing anti-icing substance on the surface of sidewalks, pedestrian walkways, highways and similar territories. The maximum comfort during the operation of this mechanism is ensured by wheels with air chambers and a convenient arrangement of a special lever, which is responsible for adjusting the consumption rate of the material. This trolley is equipped with a capacious hopper for 25 kg, and takes up little space during storage.

For the most effective and efficient application, it is necessary, first of all, to study the consumption rates of the substance, since they directly depend on the temperature, air humidity and, of course, the thickness of the processed ice. If your goal is to remove icing with a thickness of 5-10 millimeters at a temperature of 0 to -2 degrees Celsius, you need to use 1.5-2 times more material than when preventing the appearance of ice. To combat the ice with a thickness of 1-5 millimeters, the norm should be kept minimal, or even slightly reduced. If the result does not suit you, it is recommended to repeat the dispersion procedure. Depending on the above factors, the ice will melt in the interval from 15 minutes to 2 hours, and then it will need to be removed to prevent subsequent freezing when the temperature drops. In this way, you can also successfully deal with snow rolls.

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Trolley dispenser for anti-icing reagents

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