This tool is presented in the form of active granules, the main component of which are magnesium chloride particles. Such a material ensures the effective operation of the product even at the lowest temperatures up to -35 degrees Celsius.

For many years, cold winters with a lot of precipitation have been causing inconvenience to people and leaving unpleasant “surprises” in the form of ice. To cope with this scourge, special modern drugs are capable of being much more effective than salt used for years. Bischofite anti-icing reagent is a fairly popular option for eliminating icing of any strength on various surfaces. 

Bischofite is widely used by public utilities to clear ice on roads and sidewalks, stairs, and other asphalt or concrete surfaces. The tool is as simple as possible to use, and contains 65 incredibly useful active elements of natural origin. The granule placer is packed in special bags with a volume of 25 kg and tanks per 1 ton. This tool is not demanding during the transportation process - it can easily be transported in compliance with the basic rules. The material should be reliably protected from sunlight and moisture. When taking into account the standards for storage of granules, the reagent can be used throughout the year after its production. The undeniable advantage of this assistant in the fight against icing can be considered its high safety and compliance with environmental standards. The material is unable to destructively affect the surface, which is cleared of ice, and, moreover, can extend the life of metal structures in contact with it. The tool to a lesser extent affects nearby plants and cement products than its analogues do.

The use of such a reagent provides the most effective action and significant budget savings. The consumption of the drug is amazingly small, which absolutely does not affect the activity of its work. The material penetrates into the deep layers of icing, and destroys its adhesion to the soil. In addition, the product has excellent indicators of the speed of action - it takes only fifteen minutes to melt twice as much ice as with sodium chloride. Direct delivery from the manufacturer allows you to provide the most affordable cost of reagents, at which you can buy material in our store.

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Anti-icing reagent Bischofite (magnesium chloride) NikoMag bags of 25 kg

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