In winter, the main task of communal workers is the fight against dangerous ice, which promises light and complex injuries for ordinary passers-by. An excellent tool for eliminating icy masses is the PREMELT reagent - it contains active particles of calcium chloride, which ensures the most effective fight against the weather.

The material is intended for use in a fairly wide range of temperatures, and can work even when their rate reaches -32 degrees Celsius. This advantage allows the substance to be used even in the most extreme conditions. The main element, namely calcium chloride, is a powerful protector against corrosion, so using the product near metal structures is absolutely harmless. Deicing granules perfectly cope even with the most dense layers of ice, since they tend to penetrate into its deepest layers and stimulate the detachment of the mass from the surface. The most rapid destruction of ice layers allows in a few minutes after the adhesion of the product to the surface to carry out a complete mechanical cleaning of the required area. The highest melting properties of the material once again emphasize the intensity and quality of its action. Another priority advantage of the drug can be considered that its consumption is really economical. The amount of material needed to combat icing is determined by the temperature at which it is operated. If we compare the indicators of PREMELT with other means, then it will require the use of only up to 60% of the volume, while other substances will be consumed more actively.

The "magic" product does not have the ability to leave traces on the asphalt surface after its use. An indisputable advantage is also the simplicity of storage and uniform distribution of the granules of the substance throughout the entire zone necessary for processing. The product is environmentally friendly because it does not form toxic reactions in the space surrounding it - it does not matter whether it is air or water. Turning to our company, you can purchase high-quality reagent PREMELT, which has the appropriate documentation. Direct supply of funds allows us to offer their customers in Ukraine at an incredibly low price.

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Premelt anti-ice reagent (calcium chloride) Zirax 25 kg

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