• Long-acting anti-icing reagents for winter EJIK

With the advent of the first autumn frosts and in the winter season, the surface of sidewalks, pedestrian paths and roads is often covered with dangerous ice and ice. To eliminate them, special chemicals are used - anti-icing reagents, which contribute to the rapid removal of icing. Substances such as EJIK are ideally suited for these purposes, and can work successfully even during heavy snowfalls, combating snowfalls or preventing ice from appearing before the expected drop in air temperature.

The anti-icing agent EJIK is effective at temperatures up to -20 degrees Celsius and, unlike other similar reagents, is a long-acting substance, which allows it to purposefully and thoroughly melt even very thick layers of ice. In addition, it will protect the already cleaned surface from the formation of new ice at the end of its action. This tool is a granule of a special shape, which was done to better retain this material on an icy surface and to more effectively penetrate deep into the frozen sediment layer. A pitcher of this substance weighing 5 kg is enough to treat a territory of up to 100 square meters. Its action, among other things, is aimed at destroying the adhesion between the ice and the surface, which is designed to facilitate the cleaning of streets and sidewalks. The composition of the anti-icing agent EJIK includes calcium chloride, sodium chloride and a corrosion inhibitor. Such a substance does not create toxic compounds in air or water, does not contain any harmful impurities, and therefore is absolutely safe for the environment, people and animals.

Our company offers you an effective substance EJIK to combat ice and snow rolls at the lowest price and ensures the delivery of your order to all regions of Ukraine.

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Long-acting anti-icing reagents for winter EJIK

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