Reagent based on pure calcium chloride. The product is recommended for the quickest possible removal of ice. It is produced in granules of rounded irregular shape.

Effective operating temperature is -31C.

Being a hygroscopic product, the TOR ™ quick-action anti-icing reagent absorbs moisture from the air, while generating heat, the solution immediately begins to destroy ice and the bond of ice with the surface.

The effect is noticeable within 10 minutes after application.

Packaging - 5 kg bucket.

The bucket is designed for a processing area of ​​60-80 square meters. m

Effective in contact with ice and snow.

TOR as quickly and efficiently destroys snow and ice.

TOR is a good helper on the road when the wheels slip on the ice, when the porch is icy - in all cases when the ice needs to be removed very quickly and efficiently.

Operating principle: Deicing material in contact with ice and air moisture dissolves with heat and begins to melt the ice. Granules of a special irregular shape hold better on the treated surface, penetrate deeper and faster into the thickness of the ice. The resulting solution destroys the adhesion of ice to the coating, which at times facilitates the removal of ice and snow.


Designed to clean ice and prevent the formation of ice in places of use:

• paved walkways - asphalt, tile, concrete

• access roads for vehicles

• courtyard areas

• staircases, ramps


Composition: Granular composition of high-purity calcium chloride (CAS # 010043-52-4), sodium chloride (CAS # 007647-14-5) and a corrosion inhibitor.

It does not contain heavy metals, other impurities harmful to humans and animals. Does not form toxic compounds in air and wastewater.

Fire and explosion proof.

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Quick-action anti-icing reagent TOR Zirax dry 5 kg

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