• DEICE Power Ukraine anti-icing reagent dry 15 kg

In winter, it is incredibly important to maintain safety on the roads and streets, because insidious ice can wait in the most unexpected places. Salt is customary to use for processing certain areas, but this material is actually not as effective as it seems and, moreover, has a destructive effect on the sole of the shoes of the people who walk on it. A really useful modern innovation is the anti-ice reagent, which is able to show excellent results without much effort.

An excellent option is DEICE Power - a natural material that protects roads and streets from dangerous ice. Such a tool is used in a particularly cold period, and operates in the temperature range up to -35 degrees Celsius. Its unique formula promotes intensive penetration into the most dense layers of ice. Even a small amount of anti-icing reagent will be enough to provide really effective protection against icing during the day. The expense of the funds is minimal, due to which it is possible to achieve profitable financial savings.

One of the most important features of the drug is its origin - it is a natural product, because it is based on magnesium chloride, extracted from deep wells in the Earth. A truly unique set of properties of this material allows it to be widely used in almost any sector of the national economy, be it the medical sector, the chemical industry, wood processing or oil refining, and even construction. The ability to use the product in a wide range of operating temperatures once again emphasizes its practicality and versatility. Another indisputable advantage of the anti-icing reagent can be considered the highest melting rate. And do not forget that all this is for more than an affordable price.

Another advantage of the product, which clearly emphasizes its high environmental friendliness, is that it not only melts the ice, but also can fertilize the soil. It is also not natural for a natural preparation to act destructively on asphalt or tile surfaces and concrete materials. Corrosion activity indicators are quite low, so that after using the material you can not worry about the safety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The absence of toxic elements also plays an important role - DEICE Power is not prone to the formation of aggressive compounds in the surrounding space, soil or water. At the moment, the tool is considered the most harmless deicing material.

Due to the naturalness and safety of the material, it can be used without restrictions and fear to harm human health. DEICE Power has no effect on nearby plants, nor does it cause any harm to animals. It is worth noting that the drug is not combustible and explosive.

It is particularly pleasing that the shelf life of DEICE Power does not exist - when it is kept in sealed packaging from the manufacturer, the use of the drug can be unlimited. The manufacturer supplies the material in special polypropylene canisters, since this type of packaging provides the most convenient packaging, storage and transportation of deicing substances.

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DEICE Power Ukraine anti-icing reagent dry 15 kg

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