• Deicing reagents in bags DEICE MIX Ukraine 15 kg dry

Down with the obsolete methods of dealing with ice - you can forget about using salt to sprinkle on a slippery surface, because there are modern drugs that can cope with this task much easier, faster and more effective! One of them is DEICE MIX, which is widely applicable in order to prevent surface icing and to combat the already existing ice stratification. The drug is available in the form of special granules, which are characterized by active work by penetrating through the thickness of the ice with further destruction of its adhesion to the surface. Cleaning the necessary areas does not take much time and effort - the drug is really easy to use. Deicing material meets all generally accepted requirements, and meets high quality standards. DEICE MIX is an excellent combination of the two most effective anti-icing elements: anhydrous calcium chloride and evaporated sodium chloride. A special compacting technology allows the drug to act on the icy surface in its most active form.

You can use the material in a fairly wide temperature range, the extreme point of which is an indicator of -25 degrees Celsius. The unique composition of the reagent allows you to deal not only with ice, but also with snow rolls, as well as clean areas covered with ice. Each of the components of the product is distinguished by excellent indicators of ice destruction, and together they give a double blow to a dangerous slippery accumulation of precipitation. DEICE MIX anti-icing reagent is fundamentally different from the rest of the mechanical type means, since its granules include absolutely all the ingredients from the preparation.

This unique compound gives the product high efficiency, and contributes to the formation of a synergistic effect. Both chloride in the composition of the granules of the drug have an active effect in different temperature conditions. One of them has the ability to produce heat, while the other absorbs it intensely. The “smart” DEICE MIX preparation has a special compact formula, with the help of which it easily adapts to any application conditions and surface for use. When adhering to ice or snow, the granules begin the process of heating and destruction, and when hit on an asphalt or concrete surface, they tend to form a special film layer that provides reliable protection against the formation of slippery ice layers.

The drug is characterized by high environmental safety - unlike other anti-icing materials, it is able to have a really minimal effect on the soil, green plants, the animal and human body. This means that using this substance, you absolutely do not harm the environment. The presence of anti-corrosion elements allows the use of DEICE MIX for cleaning metal products and the surrounding surface without fear of violation of their integrity.

The manufacturer packs this safe non-toxic drug in special sealed bags made of polypropylene, in which anti-icing material can be stored for a year and a half from the date of manufacture.

You can buy DEICE MIX at the best price from us, since we work directly with the manufacturer of these reagents, and are their official representative on the Ukrainian market. Our company also provides delivery of your order across the territory of Ukraine.

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Deicing reagents in bags DEICE MIX Ukraine 15 kg dry

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