Effective ice removal with reagent

Our anti-icing reagent contains sodium formate and magnesium chloride, which extremely effectively destroys ice and snow, and with constant application forms a reliable layer that prevents the formation of ice. The presence of additional additives provides comprehensive protection of the processed objects. Using ICE FREE will cost you much cheaper and more practical than sand, salt or other traditional methods of dealing with winter glaciation. The reagent sold boasts higher-quality melting capabilities than liquid acetate preparations.

The main characteristics of the anti-icing reagent for the winter

ICE FREE anti-icing reagent is an effective composition that is applied to a surface covered with ice or snow. The application temperature is up to -35 degrees Celsius, which allows the use of this reagent in different climatic conditions. Depending on the air temperature and the presence of ice, snow, rain puddles on the treated surface, the amount of reagent per square meter of area varies: from 10 g / m2 in light frost and a thin layer of ice to 60 g / m2 in severe frost and snowfall.

The drug ICE FREE (Ukraine) from the manufacturer

Our company is an official distributor of the manufacturer of anti-icing reagents ICE FREE. This provides our products with a long warranty period (12 months), a minimum price and the constant availability of the substance in stock. Provided that the order is over a ton, we will bear the cost of delivery in Ukraine. Delivery territory - Ukraine and neighboring countries.

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Anti-icing reagent for the winter ICE FREE VSV PLUS Ukraine 25 kg dry

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