The ICE UP anti-icing reagent is a dry substance in the form of rounded granules that contain calcium chloride and sodium formate. It is this compound that destroys ice and snow, and with regular use it forms a reliable protective layer, which ensures the absence of ice on the surface of the coating for a long period of time. Reagent ICE UP can be used even in conditions of freezing rain in winter. The presence of unique additives guarantees comprehensive protection to the processed objects of any purpose - from areas near the house to airfield coatings.

Before you start using ICE UP, you should prepare the surface of the road, sidewalk or other business site. Preparation includes the cleaning of loose or compacted snow. Then, an anti-icing reagent is uniformly applied to the surface, according to the recommendations, depending on meteorological conditions. The amount of reagent varies from 10 to 60 grams per square meter of area. Thus, one bag is enough for a fairly large area. Using ICE UP is much cheaper, more efficient and more practical than sand or salt treatment in winter.

We supply ICE UP certified anti-icing substance in 25 kg bags with a manufacturer's warranty of 12 months. The employees of the company "VSV PLUS" will select the optimal drug for you and organize its delivery in Ukraine or in any of the CIS countries. With the total weight of the order over one ton, we will bear the cost of delivery in Ukraine.

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Anti-icing reagent ICE UP BCB PLUS Ukraine dry 25 kg

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