Highly ecological - based on natural Bischofite.

It is based on magnesium chloride.

Material has minimal impact on the carriageway and asphalt surface.

It is neutral to hard coatings, and the effect on soil erosion is minimal, enriches the soil with minerals in moderate doses.

It does not negatively affect the biogeocenosis of trees, grasses and shrubs.

Significantly reduces the susceptibility of metals to corrosion compared to conventional (sodium salt).

To a lesser extent, destructive effect on reinforced concrete structures.

Does not cause negative effects on clothing and shoes.

Safe for fauna, in particular for pets (dogs and cats).

Harmless to humans, does not contain harmful impurities.


Instructions for use:

The reagent is recommended to be applied by spraying or in bulk. The flow rate is from 100 to 300 ml per square meter.

Anti-icing reagents based on bischofite (magnesium chloride) are deservedly popular due to their high efficiency and environmental safety.

Bischofite is a natural substance extracted from wells in the form of concentrated brine. Presented to your attention the liquid reagent "ANTI LID" is a solution of magnesium chloride with the addition of corrosion inhibitors.

Among its advantages:

High deicing activity

Long action (up to several days)

Safety for humans and nature

Convenience of storage and use.


Basic Terms of Use

This reagent effectively fights ice and compacted snow at temperatures up to -30ºC.

One treatment is enough for several days, it can be used to prevent the formation of ice.

The consumption rate is calculated very easily - 100 ml of solution per square meter per 100°C of frost.

This means that at -100C the flow rate will be 100 ml per m2, at -200C - 200 ml per m2, at -30ºC - 300 ml. Due to the fact that the reagent is in liquid form, it acts extremely quickly and efficiently, maintaining its activity for a long time.

Magnesium chloride is environmentally friendly, its use does not harm humans and nature. The presence of anti-corrosive additives in our product allows its use on roads without harm to vehicles.

It can be used to treat any surface without restrictions.

Due to its high consumer characteristics, ANTI LID liquid reagent is one of the most popular deicing compositions. It is easy to store and use, it does not lose its properties even during prolonged storage.

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