• Anti-icing reagents for winter AISMELT Icemelt

Icemelt anti-icing substance can be both a means of preventing the appearance of ice, and can be used for direct removal of glaciation from the surface. This powerful reagent will successfully cope with the cleaning of roads, pedestrian walkways and sidewalks, yards, as well as any other asphalt, concrete or tile cover, without harming the material itself. With excellent versatility, this tool will become your faithful assistant and make your life easier in the winter.

Based on the purpose of using this reagent, it is necessary to correctly calculate its flow rate, also taking into account the air temperature. This is a simple rule that you should adhere to ensure the most effective action of the Icemelt anti-icing agent. Carrying out preventive work in order to prevent the occurrence of all kinds of icing at temperatures up to -4 degrees Celsius, the consumption of this substance will be 20 grams per square meter. This reagent remains operational even in frosts down to -20 degrees Celsius, and in this case its dose should be increased to 70 grams per square meter. Thus, taking into account the air temperature at the time of prevention of the occurrence of icing, it is necessary to proportionally increase its flow rate as the temperature drops. At a temperature of 0 to -2 degrees Celsius and ice thickness of up to 2 millimeters, the consumption will be 15 grams per square meter of the surface to be cleaned, and in frost from -15 to -20 degrees - 70 grams per square meter. It should be borne in mind that in conditions of the lowest permissible temperature, treatment should be carried out twice. It is also very important to note that in the presence of ice with a thickness of 3-5 mm, it is necessary to double the consumption of the anti-ice reagent Icemelt to achieve the full effect. This incredibly powerful tool will allow you to get rid not only of ice, but even of loose snow, which once again proves its amazing versatility. The composition of this substance includes calcium chloride, sodium chloride and a corrosion inhibitor, which are safe for human and animal life and do not form any toxic compounds in the air.

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Anti-icing reagents for winter AISMELT Icemelt

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